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Strongly recommend

We brought our two-year Jasper to training for socialization, obedience, and aggression training. After nine weeks, we had a completely new dog. Although the training in and of itself was successful, the insight on the behaviors of Jasper (recognizing triggers for aggression, fear, happiness, focus, dominance, and other behaviors) were extremely insightful.

Off Leash K9 Training gave us the tools to work with Jasper, but ultimately the effectiveness of training will be a direct result of how much effort you will give to your dog. The trainers were available at anytime through telephone, email, and text which was beneficial on two occasions. I would strongly recommend this facility for training.

David H.  // Verified Google Review

Amazing experience!

The progress our puppy was making. She offered to stay in touch if we had any questions after our puppy returned home. We still keep in contact and OLK9 continues to help us. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a better behaved dog. Our daily walks have gotten so much easier and our puppy actually listens to directions now. Amazing experience!


Tiffany J.  // Verified Google Review

Absolutely wonderful

I really enjoyed working with trainers at off leash K-9 training. I experienced training in Off leash K9 Training. My dog gets so many positive comments about how obedient she is. I did a refresher course to help me with leadership skills. Staff was absolutely wonderful. My doodle at 2 years enjoys her life more with the safety and freedom she has.


Tonia R.   // Verified Google Review

how great this company

They took in my almost 3 year old husky and in just under 2 weeks had her following directions so well! Down from a distance, door manners, and soo much more! Can’t say enough about how great this company was for my dog!

Josh D.  // Verified Google Review

You wont be dissapointed!

My 1 year old Belgian Malinois, Kyra, just completed the 2 week board and train and I’m very thrilled with the end product. I had her as a trainer. She was very responsive with texts,videos, and pictures everyday on their new adventures. Even after the training she will check in on Kyra. Anyone thinking about getting their dog trained and using Offleash K9 should. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you Off Leash K9 Training!!!


Anthony S.  // Verified Google Review

money well spent

I loved working with my trainer to get my dogs behaviors under control. I learned so much about what I had been doing wrong up until then. Even after the lessons were over the learning and improvements didn’t stop as I was given the tools needed to continue successfully. My dogs are making better life choices as they were shown what those choices can bring them.

Please know, that you do need to work with your dogs and keep up with the exercises that the trainer teaches you. I worked with my dogs everyday as it was that important to me for them to improve their actions and attitudes.

Money well spent and I highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their relationship with their dogs.


Michelle B.   // Verified Google Review

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